Our CDOA Study Guide is provided free of charge to our members and is available for download and/or printing. The guide is used in preparation for the examination process as described in the Voluntary Certification Program Policy and Procedures. All exam questions are taken directly from the study guide. This guide (and the exam itself) may be udpated from time to time as needed. Last updated June 2013.

Other Documents:
Webinars and PowerPoint Presentations:
Section 1
Chapter 2: Elements of the lease                                      Webinar
Chapter 3: Overview of the Division Order Process             Webinar
Section 2
Section 3
Chapter 10: Kansas                                                         Webinar
Chapter 11:
Chapter 14: Oklahoma (all three sections)                         Webinar
Chapter 15: Louisiana Succession Law                               Webinar
Chapter 16:
Chapter 17: Review of Pooling and Unitizing                       Webinar
Chapter 19: Michigan Oil and Gas Title                               Webinar
Chapter 20: OCS Title Issues
Chapter 22:
Chapter 23: Acquisitions and Divestitures Confirmation

Chapter 24: